Main Joglo

First steps onto Isle East Indies reveal a magnificent century old Javanese wooden Joglo house. This ornately hand carved open timber building was created in Central Java and was disassembled piece by piece before being transported to the island where craftsmen restored it to its former glory less than twenty meters from the water’s edge. Today the Joglo house serves as the main living area and is also home to two master suites and two bathrooms. The large open atrium has two bedroom suites that are separated from the living area via Dutch colonial screens and Venetian blinds. Perpetual sea breezes whisp through the Joglo making it the perfect spot in which to relax with a book and enjoy turquoise sea views.

Joglo Suite 1: Sentong Wetan
This bedroom includes a beautifully carved antique four-poster bed, adorned with Egyptian cotton sheets and Indonesian hand woven covers. The bed is draped with mosquito nets. Wardrobe and side tables rest either side of the bed. Colonial style louver doors create shade and night and open out in the day to create the feel of luxurious camping

Joglo Suite 2: Sentong Kulon
This bedroom lies opposite Setong Wetan with an identical layout. Saloon doors and a hallway to the bathrooms separate the two suites. Shuttered windows offer both a colonial appearance and an indoor-outdoor feel of luxurious camping.

A semi open hallway leads down to two antique style bathrooms. Century old enamel washbasins, originating from the Old Dutch Planters’ Club in Surabaya, now rest upon cast iron stands in the bathrooms. Original taps and showerheads deliver silky soft purified water from the islands desalination plant. The floors are set with antique Javanese floor tiles. High ceilings and open bamboo grills allow for light and ventilation.