She got down on one knee! Marriage proposals at Isle Des Indes

She got down on one knee! Marriage proposals at Isle Des Indes

Isle East Indies , is a magical private island where romance fills the air and in this case prompted Patricia Thompson to ask for her boyfriend’s hand in marriage!

Although the subject of Francis popping the question had come up over the three years they’d been together, Francis always thought he wouldn’t pop the question until he’d found the perfect ring. Imagine his surprise when Patricia asked the staff to prepare a vintage bottle of champagne, a selection of canapés and of course some sun loungers and an umbrella.

The couple set off to the beach at sunset point and enjoyed a little small talk before a nervous Patricia saw the sun about to set over the shimmering shoreline and decided to pop the question herself! In keeping with tradition, she got down on bended knee and asked Francis for his hand in marriage. Extremely surprised (and quite emotional apparently) Francis said yes and the ecstatic couple celebrated one of life’s most precious moments.

They enjoyed a celebratory meal and drinks and ended the night with a skinny dip at midnight (they admitted!).
And of course the couple are set to hold their nuptials on Isle East Indies, for a select few friends and family next year!

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