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“An absolutely stunning luxury private escape. From the sail over, you’re transported into a long forgotten era of colonial elegance”
Darryl Parrant

“If you’re looking to truly Indonesian cultural experience and surroundings, the East Indies collection is for you and Isle East Indies epitomises Asian luxury.”

Mrs. Eira Iskandar

“We stayed at Villa East Indies in Bali and then went over to the island. One of the most memorable holiday experiences ever. I’m an  Indies addict now! “

Elizabeth Heads

This is the first time our family visits the island of Kaliage Kecil. We are here for five days. We had a lot of fun sea-kayaking, fishing, cruising the islands/ waters around us, and lots of snorkeling! The water is amazingly clear, we saw lots of fish and marine life, beautiful corals. I would suggest taking the boat when you go snorkeling as some parts are relatively shallow and full of sea urchins. We didn’t catch any fish on our fishing trip but our boat operator caught 5 effortlessly. Once he had 2 fishes on 2 hooks.

The staff were very considerate. They respected our privacy and they would be very helpful if you needed anything. The cooks was awesome. He makes a variety of local Indonesian dishes and the seafood was particularly fress and well prepared.

All in all, it was a relaxing and timed filled with activities. You can do as much as you like or nothing at all! A couple of suggestions : we recommend changing ut the mosquito nests to ones with smaller nit, nossiums seem to be getting. I understand that this might be harder to do, but AC for the rooms would awesome. It gets very warm at night in the dry season.

The Chisholm Family